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07 January 2008 @ 10:01
Trying once again to keep up the LJ...  
Hahaha tis the season for cheap airfare from the US, fa la la la la la...

This morning on the way to work there were these two girls who must have read some sort of manual on all of the funny things you think tourists do, but never actually hear or see. They found the voice on the tube hilarious, and after a few stops, when they realised that she sounds the same each time except for the change in place name, started repeating after it in faux accents and giggling. I was partially embarrassed, which I think everyone is when they encounter people from their own country abroad, and partially laughing to myself because I used to the the same thing when I was about 15.

Anyway, I'm reviving the LJ! I seem to do this around the same time every year - in the winter when I am bored, haha. Though this is the first winter I can remember when I've got no papers to write and no classes to go to.  It's a bit weird, though I'm settling into this whole 'work full time' business easier than I thought I would.  On days like this though, you could be tricked into thinking spring is here, even though winter just started. It's absolutely beautiful out there. Shhh, don't talk too loud, you'll scare it away. 

I found a new place on Saturday! I've been searching for awhile, because I've just got to get out of Kew. Unbelievably, it's cheaper than where I live now by quite a lot, and so much closer to work. It's a house full of boys, so that will be interesting! They're promising me that they're trying to get a couple into one of the double rooms, which would mean another girl, but we'll see. I move at the weekend, so I'll try and put some pictures up. 

Alright, back to work. 
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